Morning cuddles with these two lovely kitty’s 😻🐱😍 @maxrockridley @cassieellenw
This is the beautiful little kitty me and mummy found yesterday. He is crazy skinny, looked like he hadn’t eaten in a while! I was sad to let such an affection kitty go, but I know he’s gone to a good home to be looked after!
Doctors time, having my tablets reviewed, and a complete body check… This will get me one step closer to knowing what is wrong with me!
Cooked dinner for my boy, now sitting watching Red Riding Hood with @bjwalker93 and my Molly!
I am an amazing friend and sister! Tea and cakes ❤️
Finished work for the day, eating lunch and waiting to be picked up by my Prince Charming 😍
Cuddles with my sleepy puppy before work!!!
All ready for my date night with my boy ❤️
So I finish work and come home to this on my bed!!! 
Little things like this card with Molly’s paw print inside make me smile so much. Thank you @maxrockridley  and @cassieellenw too ❤️